At the Social Change Society, we are committed to bringing about "Social Change" across Society.

A Social Change routed in the prevention of crime in the first place, in seeing fewer re-offenders and through victims and witnesses becoming central to the purpose of the criminal justice.

Change delivered through policies and projects that reduce crime, prevent young people offending in the first place, deter re-offending and that supports victims. Too many lives are ruined by crime, either as a victim, offender or family of either.

We believe many public services are not as supportive towards young people as they need to be, or think they are. Too often society fails children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.

Social Change happens slowly, but we believe there is no excuse for not starting. We want to work in partnership with others to begin to form a network of like minded individuals and organisations prepared to address these social problems.

Too many futures are shaped by the failures of the present.


"....too many futures are shaped by failures of the present"