Too Many Futures Shaped by Failures of the Present.

Society today has many challenges; undoubted social and economic inequality, a general dis-ease across communities and an uncertainty about its political and moral future direction. Despite unprecedented affluence and material comforts, we are a society seeing a rise in mental health challenges; a fear for the future manifested in aggression, conflict and violence - reaching across nations. Everywhere, a seemingly increasing minority are close to the edge of breakdown.

Best evidence suggests depression is becoming more common, suicides rising, drug and alcohol abuse increasing, and crime rates generally on the rise. Pressures on our young people are greater than they have ever been. Pressures created by a society living in the here and now, that values success by material status, monetary and glamour terms; that judges against celebrity and social media likes. Pressures that show themselves in anxiety, self-harm, insecurity, a fear of the future and intolerance towards others.

We have become a society with many young people struggling to find an identity, travelling through childhood with no solid adult influence or support; a society with an education system lacking the capacity to equip fully its young people to deal with life’s pressures and challenges. Indeed, a society disturbed by its problems and inequality, but unable to bring about the social change necessary to address the challenges of its own creation.

We express horror at the way in which some treat others - through aggression, intolerance, domestic violence, hate, verbal abuse and anti-social behaviour. We express shock at radicalisation and the degree to which some become alienated from mainstream society. In yet, little effective and long lasting is done to change our predicament.

We must begin by realising the adolescents disturbing us in this way are our young people, mirroring the behaviour of adults. They are the product of the society and community in which we all live, brought up and educated in the society we have shaped. So, what’s gone wrong and what can be done to change it? 

At the Social Change Society, we are committed to bringing about "Social Change" across society; change delivered through policies and projects that reduce crime, prevent young people offending in the first place, deter re-offending and that supports victims. Too many lives are ruined by crime, either as a victim, offender or family of either. Too many futures are shaped by failures of the present.

We believe many public services are not as supportive towards young people as they need to be, or think they are. Too often society fails children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs. Social Change happens slowly, but we believe there is no excuse for not starting. We want to work in partnership with others to begin to form a network of like minded individuals and organisations prepared to address these social problems.

We hope this brief outline of our purpose will interest you and that, together, we can bring about real and meaningful Social Change across all communities.

Simon Hayes BSc
Founder Director - SCScic


"....too many futures are shaped by failures of the present"