Our Purpose:

  • To prevent offending and re-offending across Society.

  • To reduce the risk of offending through early intervention.

  • ​To support individuals who are experiencing:

​Early childhood neglect and/or abuse.

Signs of early & repeat offending.

Substance mis-use & abuse.

School exclusion, poor education and illiteracy.

Bullying and Hate Crime.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues.​​

"....too many futures are shaped by failures of the present"

Our Approach:

  • To create partnerships

  • To develop a Restorative Justice approach.

  • To promote innovative solutions.

  • To advocate & implement best practice.

  • To learn through an evidence based approach.

Our Aims:

  • Be a friendly hand and positive influence on people's lives.

  • Understand why.

  • Reduce the risk of early offending.

  • Encourage and facilitate partnerships.

  • Promote research and development.

  • Develop early intervention for young people with SEMH needs.

  • Promote education and literacy.

  • Support the family.