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Remedy Hub
The Remedy Hub, Out-of-Court Disposal Project

Out-of-court disposals are a simple, swift and proportionate way of responding to antisocial behaviour and low-risk offending, so saving courts time listening to minor undisputed matters and bring the victim into the resolution process.

In the case of conditional cautions and restorative solutions they can also support rehabilitation and reparation, especially by young people, and provide prompt resolution for victims.

This project is an IT solution, incorporating community remedies and conditional cautions, designed to provide police officers with a quick and effective means of dealing with less serious offences, allowing them to spend more time on frontline duties and on tackling serious offending.

“The one really solid piece of evidence we have about the majority of those who get caught up in the criminal justice system is that they are drawn from the most deprived and disadvantaged in our society.

Reducing reoffending is an important aspiration, but it has not previously been the only reason for working with offenders. It is unfashionable to argue that we owe them a duty of care, but that does not make it any less true”.  

(Hedderman,C,Payment by Results: Hopes, Fears and Evidence BJCJ 2013 Vol 11(2-3) 43-58)