"....too many futures are shaped by failures of the present"


At The Social Change Society, we believe the principles of Restorative Justice, to ‘restore’ the negative effect of a crime for the victim, and to rehabilitate the offender, are a proven and recognised approach to crime prevention within the Criminal Justice arena.

Research into Restorative Justice cases has found the cost to facilitate a single case ranges from £248, for a lower level involvement, to over £5,450 for more intense group work. As it can take 12 hours to organise and deliver a single Restorative Justice conference, it becomes clear why volume crimes cannot be addressed through traditional face-to-face conferencing; there simply are not enough facilitators, volunteers or working hours to accommodate each case.

One method of reducing the cost and extending the availability of Restorative Justice solutions is to create an opportunity for the victim and offender to meet ‘virtually’, over a safe online facility.

We are working to offer this approach to the criminal justice service and link it to the Community Remedy menu adopted by Police Forces national in 2014.


To deliver a menu of restorative solutions as a tool to prevent re-offending, together with an effective online Restorative Justice approach to volume crimes.


  • Pilot an online Restorative Justice forum.
  • Bring about less offending.

  • Reduce Police cost and time.

  • Ensure robust evaluation.
  • Be an efficient and effective Criminal Justice tool.